Why Women Should Keep Wearing High-Waisted Shorts: A Response.

In the past, I’ve shied away from opinionated posts, simply because a lot of topics aren’t worth getting fired up about, however, ones in which women bash women tend to infuriate me. Continue reading “Why Women Should Keep Wearing High-Waisted Shorts: A Response.”

Expectations versus Reality, a Traveler’s Illusion.

There are so many times in life when we are guilty of creating a romantic, elaborate depiction of what weย think is going to occur when undertaking a new venture, rather than being hopefully realistic about a situation. (Including but not limited to, dating someone then relentlessly attempting to fit them into your twisted, incoherent version of True Blood’s Eric Northman, ordering off of the McDonald’s dollar menu, or trying to replicate “boot socks” (why…do I wear them on my head?) and pretty much ANYTHING else seen on Pinterest. All of which I have never tried. Continue reading “Expectations versus Reality, a Traveler’s Illusion.”

Yo, Bike Check, One, Two.

A few days ago, I bought a bicycle to tour around New Zealand.

I hate cycling.

I mean, who doesn’t love the sensation of a numb vagina paired with mild saddle sores? My first spin class was my last spin class. This wasn’t because I wasn’t impressed by my flamboyant instructor and his Lady Gaga/Glee showtune-sufferthon-soundtrack, mind you. Continue reading “Yo, Bike Check, One, Two.”