Today’s #MondayMotivation: Consistency

Helloo humans of the world.

It’s another Monday, filled with a reluctance to return to the grind. However, Mondays are my Sunday since I grudgingly spend Fridays and Saturdays slingin’ dishes to make my dreams come true. It’s Columbus Day, which means it might be your extra Sunday too! Luckily, I’ve got some extra time to hit you up with a weekly dose of #mondaymotivation.

This week’s topic: CONSISTENCY! 

That’s right…that one, unavoidable element that draws a line in the sand between habitual procrastination and genuine accomplishment.

I’ve been on a consistency kick lately since it’s something I rarely practice and am trying (and often failing miserably) to be an “adult.” Despite being obsessive about the gym and trying to implement healthy habits, I typically do everything I can to avoid consistency when it relates to my creative projects. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Browsing obscure gadgets I will never use or buy on Amazon
  • Plucking my eyebrows
  • Reading various news platforms and becoming internally self-righteous and superficially offended over things that have nothing to do with me

Which, by the way, is stupid as fuck and completely counterintuitive to making it as a “creative.” Luckily, I started using John Lee Dumas’s The Mastery Journal (I mentioned this in my vlog ). So, to help you kick off your week, I’m including a few suggestions on how to be more consistent with something you’ve been neglecting.

  1. Choose ONE realistic thing you want to focus more attention on this week. Note: when I say realistic, what I mean is, start with baby steps and choose something small/realistically achievable for your week. (Unless you’re already a productivity master, then you do you). Paying off all of your college debt in seven days or doing an entire lifestyle overhaul may not be feasible. Maybe you could commit to five-minute meditations or to take your dog for walks daily. Take care to choose an undertaking that won’t overwhelm you or set you up for failure, you know what I mean?
  2. Write it down. Record your desired goal and create a plan of attack the night before. Be specific – when are you going to make time for this goal and how do you intend to direct your energy towards it? Will you fit it into your morning routine or when you get home from work? Stumbling around in the dark until you’ve downed coffee, speeding to work because you don’t have a morning routine? Maybe that’s this week’s challenge.
  3. Stop making excuses. Even as I type this out I can feel the little shame goblin on my shoulder shit-talking me for being the consummate hypocrite. So I give this advice to you as much as I direct it towards myself. I know firsthand that it’s easy to make rationalizations that support avoiding the things we don’t feel like doing. It’s also a straight shot to self-criticism and procrastination-frustration station.

My goal this week is to write for at least one hour, every day. It seems easy now, but who knows when my eyebrows or NPR will once again capture me in their clutches and drag me into a hole of avoidance. Check out my vlog for updates on my progress. Mostly, good luck, people!


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