#MondayMotivation: Balance

Hey, beautiful creatures out there!

Last week kicked ass – and sort of didn’t. I was able to accomplish a ton, while alternatively suffering the gory realities of being a lady. Regardless of my PMS meltdowns and dramatic episodes, I’m #COMMITTED to this idea of staying consistent. So here’s another article. This week’s focus is:


Although not in the way you may think. I don’t mean in the grounded, yoga way (although that way is awesome). Instead, I’m going to skip being new age-y about it and try to be less extreme and more balanced in my views.

There’s a lot of politicizing about literally EVERYTHING right now. Which means we’re going to encounter a lot of alienating lines in the sand.

Maybe we could just do this thing called listening.

We’ve got to commit to critical thought and a continuous search for truth and understanding, because the more we divide, the less we’re able to relate to one another and change the parts of the system we don’t like or agree with.


This week, I’m going to read things I normally wouldn’t, investigate sources I don’t necessarily question

all that deeply, and examine my own biases in the way I percieve the world. The more we’re able to challenge our own views, the less affected and

defensive we are when someone disagrees with our way of seeing things. Things are getting pretty serious out there, so let’s try to regroup and rethink some of our deeper held beliefs.

See you next week!




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